BRIEF: Find the big idea to rebrand and promote local libraries.

MESSAGE: When we need to search for something, we generally go online and Google it. This, along with cuts in public spending, has resulted in a steady decline in the number of local libraries throughout Britain’s towns and cities. Your task is to persuade the public that local libraries are an important part of a community and offer a host of benefits for people of all ages, encouraging more people to visit more often.

OUTPUT: A campaignable brand identity that gets noticed using whatever medium is most effective.
The Big Idea
We have been set the task of coming up with a ‘big idea’ to rebrand local libraries. Having done research in local libraries, larger central libraries and Waterstones we concluded that we must have a new name, a stylish brand and promote it in a way that will help re connect local libraries with younger generations. (The demographic using libraries the least) Importantly we will be utilising the rising coffee culture amongst people of our generation, using it as a catalyst for our brand. If we are to bring young people into local libraries there needs to be a reason for them to come other than the fact that there is some new branding. 
A local Sanctuary provides a meeting place for young people, where they can go alone or as a group, buy a coffee and study or just read and relax. 
The brand name will be promoted through some of the deliverables that can be taken away from the library, i.e. branded coffee cups and bags for carrying books. We are also planning a guerrilla campaign literally pointing people in the direction of their local Sanctuary.
The aim is to connect reading and coffee culture within the Sanctuary brand.
“Drink deeply from good books.” - John Wooden
We developed a pattern taking elements from the identity for use on deliverables and interior walls.
'Brand in the hand'
The brand will be promoted through various deliverables such as; brand in the hand advertising via the takeaway coffee cups and bags.
To be used when stamping books out and returning them on a form on the inside of the book.
The Sanctuary will be a place to meet, socialise and study but also to be able to relax and read in a quiet area.
Guerrilla Marketing
The brief states that the target market should be all ages which is something that we have carefully considered throughout our rebranding, however during our research we discovered that the younger generations, from early teens up to people in their twenties and older simply are not using local libraries. We thought a street level campaign like this literally pointing in the direction of the nearest Sanctuary, might help to connect with this age group and draw them back to local libraries.
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