Designed to be a headline font for a local street paper based in Edinburgh. The emphasis on the connection between the street vendor and customer is reflected within the overlapping segments of certain letterforms. RATIONALE Transaction is a conceptual typeface based on the interaction between the street vendor and the buyer. In the brief and in the audio talk with the representative from monotype, the relationship between the vendor and customer is often mentioned. We considered this transaction and how it could look in the form of a typeface, how elements within the font could represent this idea. Eventually we settled on a simple crossover element in the letterforms. This would only occur when possible for example in the B,K,M,R,S and W. In the letter G we saw an opportunity to do something a bit different by bringing the inward facing stroke downward, creating a descender. So as not to over complicate the typeface we only really altered the regular shape of the G and therefore it may well stand out as the most prominent letter in the typeface. This was deliberate from the outset, as many typefaces have lots of similarities, we wanted there to be something about this that looked very much original. We have delivered the project in the form of a fold out type specimen which also demonstrates our process through the development of the typeface as well as putting it in the context of the street paper as a double page spread.

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